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Week Two!

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Week Two!

Posted by on 5 February 2018

Day 8 – Give yourself a mirror pep-talk – tell yourself 3 positive things you like about yourself!

Try telling yourself some of these…

  1. I am strong
  2. I can do this
  3. I am pretty
  4. I deserve to be happy
  5. I deserve to eat
  6. I will survive this.


We often put ourselves down by comparing ourselves to others – our friends and favourite celebrities, so this challenge is to help you be nice to yourself. Remember that no one is perfect, we are all unique and this is what makes us special so learn to love who you are.

Young Minds have a good advice to Believe in yourself

Day 9 – Dance like nobody is watching! Dance to a tune on your way to school/college/work.


Dancing can improve your day! Waking up and dancing in the morning while getting ready for work/school helps to put you in a good mood and feel more energised for the day ahead. Some people believe starting the day singing and dancing helps them to have a great day! Why not put a morning playlist together with your friends and family to try groovin in the morning for a good start to your day.

Day 10 – Say thank you to someone special in your life. 

Saying thanks (showing gratitude) is suggested to be linked to happiness, as gratitude creates good memories and helps you to build strong relationships with others, and this helps you to feel more comfortable talking to them about any concerns.

Saying thanks also helps you look at the things you take for granted - you could note down the things you are grateful for today or during this week!

Here’s one way of saying thank you to a friend or family member 


Day 11 – Avoid chatting on social media for 24hrs.

Organise a digital detox with your friends. Trying to go one day without social media maybe tough as now-a-days we all seem to be addicted to spending hours and hours online browsing and chatting on social media forums, starring at our phones!

Spending too much time on social media is not good if it is stopping you from having a good night’s sleep, makes you feel anxious or is affecting your self-esteem. It is good to remember that what we see on social media may not be true to real life.

If you are struggling to resist the temptation to go online and can’t find something else to do - ask your parents, grandparents what they did for fun in the past before internet and social media was invented. (you might be surprised by their answers!)

Read this for What it was like in your grandparent’s time without internet!

Can’t put your phone down! Watch this video 

Day 12 –  Plant something that you can watch grow or adopt a houseplant in need of some TLC.  

When we are feeling down nature reminds us that we live in a beautiful world. Research shows that nature heals and soothes us. When we see scenes of nature, it reduces our anger, fear, and stress levels and makes us feel better emotionally.

Nature helps us cope with pain because according to scientists, we are genetically programmed to find trees, plants, water, and other nature elements, we are absorbed by nature and it distracts us from our pain and discomfort.

So have a go at planting something and why not name your plant? I used to have a cheese plant called ‘Mr Cheese’ which I talked to now and again! (Unfortunately, I had to say farewell to him as he grew too big for my room, so I wouldn’t recommend a cheese plant.) Don’t forget to keep watering your leafy friend.

Here is my ‘Mr Cheese’ leafy friend

Mr Cheese

Day 13 – Try an activity or sport you have not done before!

Find a local activity you can take part in, such as, trying a new sport or hobby. Learning something new is good for us as it can help us build our confidence and a sense of achievement. It can also be a way of connecting with others too.

To help you find something see our shortlist of leisure activities (from here you can also do your own keyword search for something you want to try.)

Day 14 – Take a soak in the bath – with plenty of bubbles or have a sing-song in the shower.

How to have the best relaxing bath ever –

  1. Use the fluffiest, softest, towels and robe that you have.
  2. Add a tablespoon of sugar or honey to the water. Sugar can act as a natural exfoliant, whereas honey helps to keep your skin moisturised and soft.
  3. Make sure you have loads of bubbles.
  4. Dim the lights, and add a candle.
  5. You could try bath salts. Bath salts help to relax your muscles, which is especially useful after a tough day. They help to reduce any inflammation, which will help you wind down before bedtime.
  6. Close your eyes when in the tub, you could even try using cucumber slices over your eye lids for the ultimate relaxation.

If you prefer a shower, then we have put together a playlist of some of the all-time epic songs good to sing along to in the shower, listen on Youtube to our Epic Songs to Sing in the Shower

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