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If the 'App' fits - Health and Well-being Apps

Tested by young people!

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  • Pacifica now known as Sanvello - "With lots of useful features, the app tracks progress and suggests personalised exercises making it unique to each user." Read more

  • In Hand - "Once the app knows how you are feeling it will take you through simple steps to help you be you." Read more

  • Stay Alive - "Gives you different ideas of how to keep yourself safe" Read more

  • Seven cups of tea - "You can pick what is troubling you from a variety of options (including ADHD) so they don't have to spend ages trying to find out what is wrong." Read more

  • Calm Harm - "A great helping hand for anyone struggling with self harm." Read more

  • Stop, Breathe, Think - "Has videos and a breathing timer feature to relax your breathing." Read more

  • Recovery Record - Eating Disorder Management - "You can link the app to your treatment team so they can encourage you." Read more

All the Apps in the slider have been tested by young people in Suffolk through the CAT network.

They have all proved really helpful and young people said that they would recommend them to a friend, however please remember that although Apps can be really helpful and aid recovery they are not a substitute for treatment or seeking help. You can read about all the Apps in the slider below.

CAT Network App recommendations

Sanvello (was Pacifica) - Help to manage stress, anxiety, low mood. Allows you to track your mood and health behaviours like sleep, diet and alcohol. You can set daily goals, record thoughts and connect with others and groups (anonymously) around different problems. The app has a Hope Board feature where you can enter your day to day mood, health, thoughts and goals.

In Hand - Help to manage stress, anxiety, low mood. Using a traffic light system In Hand acts as a digital friend to help you in times of stress or low mood. The app allows you to focus yourself in a moment of stress or low mood. When you're feeling good it gives you motivational photos. When you're feeling awful you are given the option to write down how you feel or call someone.

Stay Alive - Support and suicide prevention. The app offers help and support both to people with thoughts of suicide and to people concerned about someone else. Features can be personalised and the app includes quick access to crisis support helplines, a mini safety plan and a LifeBox feature where you can upload photos reminding you of reasons to stay alive.

Seven Cups -  Support for emotional distress. This is an app (also a website) which provides free support to people experiencing emotional distress by connecting them with trained listeners anonymously and confidentially. There is also the opportunity to speak in groups. You can get advice or just rant about what is on your mind!

Calm Harm - Support for self harm. The app helps you to resist or manage the urge to self harm. It is completely private and password protected. The app supports treatment by helping to distract, comfort, express and release feelings.

Stop, Breathe, Think - Help to manage stress, anxiety, low mood. Recommended to anyone experiencing mild to moderate stress, anxiety, or low mood. Rate your mood, choose different audios, personalise your dashboard and do short mindfulness and meditation exercises.

Recovery Record - Eating Disorder Management - Support to manage eating disorders. Helps recovery and focuses on positive body image. Read affirmations and reflections and collect jig-saw pieces on your recovery journey. Allows you to keep a record of your meals and record how you felt when you ate them.

More Apps

Helpful Apps recommended by the NHS we didn't want to miss off:

The following haven't been tested by our CAT Network group, yet. But they have been recommended to us:

Headspace - to help manage stress, anxiety and low mood

Rise Up - to support eating disorder recovery and management

Super Better - to help develop resilience to tackle life's challenges

Reach Out Worry Time - to help deal with anxiety and stress

Relax Melodies: Sleep sounds - if you are struggling to relax and fall asleep 

Coronavirus related Apps

ThinkNinja – is an app that helps young people aged 10 to 18 years old with their emotional wellbeing and resilience, and supports symptoms of anxiety and low mood. It has specific COVID-19 content too.

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