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Information and advice for young people in Suffolk


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Young men's health

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"It will never happen to me."

'Bad stuff happens', it's a fact of life

You may think that nothing bad will ever happen to affect your health, but unfortunately life’s not like that and there may be an occasion when something does happen or something doesn't feel right. It's always better to be informed, so on this page are some of the topics to look into, consider and even talk to your mates about.

Gage, who lives in Suffolk, has written this piece which you can read  'Sorry, I'm in two minds right now...' about his journey into accepting and understanding himself, with some excellent advice about dealing with difficult feelings and finding support.

"We all worry about who we are and what our place is in the world" - Gage Nicholas

Watch the video from Jamal Edwards, founder of film-making company SBTV, titled 'Jamal Edwards breaks taboos around men's mental health - Speak your mind', which asks why so many men are taking their own lives, and whether society’s stereotypes of masculinity have stopped men from seeking help with depression.

This video from magician Michael Webb on 'Australia's Got Talent' has such a powerful message to seek support if your struggling with suicidal thoughts or feelings. 

Who you can to talk to if you are struggling with suicidal feelings

  • C.A.L.M (Campaign Against Living Miserably) has an anonymous web chat. Visit
  • Mental Health Crisis Line: Call 111, options 2 - if you are feeling distressed and need urgent support.
  • Kooth - is a free, safe and confidential online service. Visit
  • If in school, speak to a school nurse - Text 07507 333356, or find out more on our ChatHealth page.
  • Speak to a youth worker at 4YP - for confidential advice and support. Drop in or call them, visit their website for more details

Find further advice and support 

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