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Information and advice for young people in Suffolk

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Moving into adulthood

What support will I need?

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Moving into adulthood can be a scary time. There are a lot of things to think about and a lot of decisions to be made.

Something which you might find helpful is the Transition Card.

On it are all the things you will have to consider as you approach and move into adulthood. You can use this card with your worker, parents or carers to think about your future and what support you need.

Preparing for adulthood

When preparing for adulthood you will have a transition review with your school or college, and a worker from Children and Young People’s Services. Your parents and carers can also attend.

Transition review

You can also use the card at any other time when you're moving on to something new, for example leaving school.

Choice of action plans:


  1. Right click on online young person's action plan and select Save Target As
  2. Save the action plan and open the PowerPoint slides from where you have saved it.
  3. You can now begin adding your answers to the slides. Remember to save your work.
  4. To print go to print preview. Pick slides from the 'print what' menu and select colour in the option menu at the top of the print preview screen.

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