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(Images above show our C2C and Bright Futures for children and young people logos)

We want to provide the best care that we can for you. To do this, we know that it is important to listen to YOU, the people that use these services. YOU know what its like to be in care, what works well and what could be better. We want YOU to have your say so we can make services the best they can be.

Suffolk's promise to you

In Suffolk, there is a promise to all young people in care and care leavers. If you think these promises are being broken, you can do something about it. Have a look at Suffolk's promise to you.

Promise logo Blue (Image of our promise to you logo)

We'd like to meet you

C2C (for 13-25yr olds) and Brighter Futures (for 5-13yr olds) are our children in care councils, children and young people who are in care or leaving care who meet to discuss what it's like to be in care in Suffolk. We are a friendly group who meet every school holiday, do fun activities, make friends, eat delicious food, and shape and co-produce children’s services.

C2C meet with councillors, make important decisions, develop policy, interview and train staff, and eat a lot of pizza!

Brighter Futures give their views, design leaflets, make films, have BBQ's, play games, use bouncy castles, play a lot of football a lot of pizza!

Our children in care councils are for all children in care, they are your chance to have your say about what it's like to be in care and how we can make things better for you and other children. We would LOVE you to join which ever group you think would work best for you (it doesn't matter if you are older than the guidelines).

To get involved with C2C or Brighter Futures you can speak to someone from our friendly Engagement Hub Team on 01473 260169.

Keeping in touch

You don't have to come to an event to have your say about something to do with your care. We REALLY want to hear your views about being in care in Suffolk, such as:

  • What is good and what could be better.
  • What would your top ten tips' for social workers be?
  • How could we make reviews better?
  • What did you need to know when you came into care.

Tell us what you think by getting in touch with us on 07717302625 or email

We will aim to respond to you as quickly as possible. Please remember if you raise a personal issue that we think affects your safety or the safety of someone else we have a duty to pass the information on to someone who can help.

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