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Election 2017- what's all the fuss about?!

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Election 2017- what's all the fuss about?!

Posted by Maddie on 2 May 2017

So you may or may not have heard that there will be a general election on Thursday 8th June. The general election will decide who becomes the Prime Minister for up to the next five years. Think of it like appointing the new principal of a college. There are lots of candidates with different ideas on how the college should be run…and you get to vote on who gets the job. Obviously the country is much larger than a college, so we could argue this is a pretty big deal. In order to be able to vote you need to be registered by Monday 22nd May.

You can register by following the link to the website and it usually takes just 5 minutes!


Why?…We encourage you to register and vote because:

  • It can feel really good to be involved and is a great conversation started. 
  • It's a great excuse to check out your local neighbourhood and find the polling station on polling day (the day of the election).
  • You get to experience a real buzz of people in and around the polling stations.
  • You are involved in changing the future (whatever the outcome).
  • You might really like it and decide to get involved in the youth parliament, cat group or another group where you can give your opinions and make a difference.


We thought this was an important topic to write about because with so much information it's easy to get lost. But we believe there are lots of reasons to get involved and make your vote count. Even if the party you chose doesn't win it doesn't matter, the fact that you got involved and showed your support for something you believe in is really important in shaping what the people in charge do.

Don't know who to vote for? There are a number of different parties and if you are not sure who to vote for you can

take a quick quiz to find out which policies and parties you agree with.

This is a video from The League of Young Voters who realised that too often fewer young people vote compared to older people. In the last general election, for example, only 44% of 18-24 year olds voted in comparison to 76% or 65+ year olds, and current voter registration rates suggest that this trend is set to continue. Essentially this means that the voices of older people will be louder than the voices of young people. Reverse the tide...

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