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Posted by on 5 May 2017

May is National Walking Month, Living Streets are encouraging people everywhere to try to walk more. They have challenged us to try to take a 20 minute walk everyday throughout May and feel the benefits #TRY20

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Here are some tips!

  1. Invite your friends and family
  2. Walk to town/school/college/friends house rather than getting the bus or a lift
  3. Get off the bus a few stops before you usually do
  4. Have an adventure and check out somewhere new
  5. Prepare for the weather
  6. Relax with a mindful walk

As well as being great for your body by getting the blood pumping and the joints and muscles working physical exercise like walking can make you feeeeeel goooood and help you relax and sleep better!

Why not try taking a Mindful walk?

When you take a mindful walk you go on a normal walk but try to stay in the moment and focus more of your attention on your surroundings and less on the things that are going on in your head (and possibly stressing us out).

 Feeling stressed Twitter

Give it a go today?

  • While you are walking focus on the feelings from your senses- what can you feel/touch (on different parts of your body), hear, smell, see?
  • Focus your attention on each of your senses, one at a time.
  • For example can you notice the temperature of the air on your skin or your face and how this feels. Does it feel warm or cold, freezing, windy or sunny?
  • Focus your attention to the sounds you can hear. First concentrate on the sounds that are loud, then far away and then focus on some of the quieter sounds, what is the quietest or the loudest sound you can hear? 

This is a great technique if you are feeling anxious or worried too…Next time you are walking, why not give it a go… You could also ask yourself how you are feeling at the beginning and compare this to how you are feeling at the end of your walk... happy, sad, scared, anxious, worried, excited, tired, energetic are examples to get you started. 

So get your shoes on and #TRY20 this #NationalWalkingMonth #MentalHealth

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