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Transport scheme for 16-19s

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What you need to know about changes to post-16 transport

If you're 16-19 and go to sixth form, college or other study centre, you need to know about the changes to financial support for transport.

There is no free travel for students in year 12 or 13, but you might be able to apply for transport under the the Post 16 Travel Scheme.

What is the Post 16 Travel Scheme?

If you meet the criteria, you can receive a travel pass for £200 per term which will allow you to travel to and from your place of study.

To meet the criteria, you must:

  • Attend your nearest school, sixth form or post 16 centre
  • Be between 16-19 years old (or are completing a course that started before your 19th birthday)
  • Be doing an approved full-time further education course
  • Live in Suffolk
  • Live at least 3 miles from your nearest college, sixth form or post 16 centre

The main change from last year is that in most cases you will need to be attending your nearest college or sixth form to receive the travel pass.

If you are studying something specific that isn't available at your nearest college or sixth form, you might still be eligible for the scheme. You can still apply, and you may have to explain why you want to do the course and how it will benefit you.

What are my options if I don't qualify for the Post 16 Travel Scheme?

If you’re not entitled to post 16 transport, spare seats might be an option for you. This is when if there are spare seats on a school bus, they can be made available to young people living on route who don't qualify for free home to school or post 16 transport. 

To find out more about spare seats and whether this could be an option for you, take a look at the Suffolk on Board website.

The Endeavour Card

If you're aged 16-19 and live in Suffolk you can get an Endeavour Card, which gives you at least 25% off bus travel. Even if you do qualify for the Travel Scheme, you can still get an Endeavour Card.


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