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Travel training and travel passes

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What is Travel Training?

Travel Training gives people with special educational needs or disabilities the confidence and skills to travel on buses and trains. Help is also available for walking routes.

Being able to travel on public transport is a key life skill. It lets you make choices about how you live, and go about your daily life.

Travel Training is provided with Essex County Council, who deliver Travel Training in Suffolk. They offer one to one training, which covers:

  • confidence in using buses or trains
  • personal safety
  • how to use timetables and buy tickets
  • road safety, including how to cope with traffic on major roads
  • what to do when things go wrong (e.g. the bus is late)
  • money skills

Travel Training is free for students and adults who live in Suffolk and receive the following from Suffolk County Council:

  • free home to school transport
  • post-16 transport
  • social care transport 

The video to the right explains about how the Travel Training service help students.

How does Travel Training Work?

  • A trainer will create a training plan for you that meets your needs, and will include routes to get to and from where you want to go.
  • A trainer will visit you at home to chat about the plan and make sure you're happy with it. 
  • Your trainer will go with you on your journey, to give you encouragement and guidance, until you develop the skills and feel confident to travel on your own.
  • The training sessions usually take place once a week, and their trainers are available during the school and college holidays.
  • Your trainer will give you and your family regular feedback on your progress.

How to apply for Travel Training? 

You will need to ask someone from the list below to make a referral for you. Please speak to your parents/carers first.

  • Parents
  • Carers
  • Social workers
  • School and college staff
  • Council worker

For more information and to complete the travel training referral form visit the Essex County Council website.

Once your referral is received the travel trainer should make contact with you in 10 days.

Disabled persons free and discounted travel 

Eligible disabled people are entitled to free off-peak travel on local buses anywhere in England:

  • between the hours of 9.30am and 11.00pm Monday to Friday
  • all day Saturday and Sunday
  • all day on Bank Holidays

To apply, and find out more information visit

Disabled people are also able to apply for a Disabled persons rail card, which entitles the holder to 1/3 off rail fares and one other adult travelling with them. To find out more visit

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