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Week Four!

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Week Four!

Posted by on 19 February 2018

Day 25 – Reflect on your day – think of 3 things that went well today or made you feel good

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

When things go wrong and you’re having a bad day, reflecting on the little things that were ok about your day can help you feel better and more positive. These can be big or small things, like – I went to the shop, found a new song to listen to that I like, enjoyed hanging out with a friend. We can all have bad days but remember tomorrow is a new day to wake up and try again.

We fight the bad days quote image

Day 26 – Spend 30 minutes doing something that makes you feel happy!

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

Finding something that makes you feel positive or that you enjoy doing can really help when you are going through the bad times. This could be a leisure activity or craft that makes you feel good or simply a friend or relative that's always good at cheering you up!

Finding that one thing that you can do, that you know always makes you feel better can help you stay positive and stay strong when things aren't going well.

When I feel like things are getting on top of me and my emotions, I like going for a run with others as I know this always helps me manage stress and I feel better afterwards.  


Day 27 – Make sure you get more than 6 hours sleep tonight

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

Lack of sleep can put us in a bad mood and can be a cause of depression and anxiety if you’re not regularly getting enough sleep.

Looking at light from our smartphones and tablet devices can interfere with our sleep and wake cycle if we are using them before we go to bed.

The below video and websites have some good advice on getting a good night's sleep:


The Mix - How much sleep do I need?

Young Minds - Sleep Problems

The Sleep Council 

Day 28 – Cook yourself a healthy meal -Why not share it with a friend or family!

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

What we eat can affect the way we feel, so eating healthier can improve your mood, give you more energy and help you think more clearly.

Try out recipes that involves chopping as this is said to be good for stress, and why not share your meal with a friend or family as sitting down and eating together helps you to check in and connect with each other.

These quick easy recipes should get you chopping up a feast (but watch those fingers). Beware these recipes may not be suitable for those who don’t eat nuts:

Coconut Chicken Curry  

Easy Vegetable Curry  

Find more easy recipes to try out your cooking skills on the Onelife Suffolk website also have quick and simple cooking videos you can follow for easy dinner recipes 

Day 29 – Give yourself a mirror pep-talk - tell yourself 3 things you like about you!

Try telling yourself some of these…

  1. I am strong
  2. I can do this
  3. I am pretty
  4. I deserve to be happy
  5. I deserve to eat
  6. I will survive this.

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

We often put ourselves down by comparing ourselves to others – our friends and favourite celebrities, so this challenge is to help you be nice to yourself. Remember that no one is perfect, we are all unique and this is what makes us special so learn to love who you are.

Donut V2

The Young Minds website has some good advice to Believe in yourself

This has some useful tips about handling negative thoughts - How to challenge negative thoughts and stop beating yourself up


Day 30 the final challenge is – Look back on all of the challenges and pick one you are most proud of! 

Congratulations if you managed to get through all 30 of our What’s Up Challenges. Don’t worry if you didn’t complete all the challenges, the main thing is that you had a go.


We hope you have found the challenges helpful in looking after your emotional health and wellbeing, that they have made you feel more positive about yourself and have inspired you in some way! 

And remember...

If at any point you and your friends need a bit of a feel-good boost you now know you can come here and do some what's up challenges at anytime you need them.

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