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Week Three!

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Week Three!

Posted by on 19 April 2020

Day 15 – Take a soak in the bath or have a sing-song in the shower


(Giff animation of boy singing in shower)

Why this is good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Warm water (not too hot) calms the body and relaxes your muscles which helps if you are feeling tense or anxious.

How to complete this challenge: Give yourself the best relaxing bath ever!

1. Use the fluffiest, softest, towel and robe that you have.

2. Add a tablespoon of sugar or honey to the water. Sugar can act as a natural exfoliate, whereas honey helps to keep your skin moisturised and soft.

3. Make sure you have loads of bubbles.

4. Dim the lights, and add a candle (you can use battery led tealights as they are safer).

5. You could try bath salts. Bath salts help to relax your muscles, which is especially useful after a tough day. They help to reduce any inflammation, which will help you wind down before bedtime.

6. Close your eyes when in the tub, you could even try using cucumber slices over your eye lids for the ultimate relaxation.

7. Or have the best uplifting shower ever! - With our shower playlist of all-time epic songs great to sing along to in the shower. 

You are now half way through the 30 Day Whats Up Challenge 

We hope the challenges have helped you stay positive and entertained at home!

If you missed challenges 1-14 see Week 1 challenges and Week 2 challenges 

Day 16 Challenge - Organise a virtual dance party with friends and family

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Dancing boosts our mood, keeps our bodies moving, and is a great way to stay connected in a joyful way with friends and family even though we are apartIt's also a fun challenge to do if you have a Birthday coming up!

How can I complete this challenge: Below we have provided instructions to plan an epic virtual dance party!

Step 1. Decide what video App to use - Zoom, FaceTime, Google hangout, WhatsApp, Skype, Houseparty etc 

Step 2. Consider the number of guests you should have? 

Step 3. Create a name for your virtual dance party 

Step 4. Choose a dress code - is there a theme? Do you want guests to be in fancy dress? For instance you could get everyone to make a fancy dress costume with things they have at home.

Step 5. Send out an online party invitation - So everyone knows when to be online. These websites let you create free invites but you do have to register - CanvaGreenvelopePunchbowlEvite

Step 6. Share your party music playlist so everyone can dance to what your dancing to - Create and share your playlist on Spotify or Youtube. Or DJ/play live music to your guests?

Step 7. Create the right party setup for you and your guests - Think about where to position your camera, decorations for an amazing backdrop, and lighting? Connect your laptop to your TV or projector so you have everyone on a big screen. 

Step 8. Are you having party games? Here's some game ideas:

Most Likely To... "most likely to" scenarios where you decide which friend would be most likely to do that thing. Whoever it is has to drink. Most likely to.. get... own... questions that you could create.

Psych - using Psych App players make up fake answers to real trivia questions, and one player must choose the real answer among the fakes.

Scavenger Hunt - Get everyone looking for specific items in their home - who has the most items wins.

Step 9. Yummy treats! - Before the party starts, send or drop-off some treats like cookies, cupcakes, and popcorn to friends doorsteps if they live close by. 

Step 10. Have fun!  

Day 17 challenge - Do a good deed or offer to help someone

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Doing a good deed makes you feel good about yourself.

Helping others stops you from focusing so much on your own problems.

By focusing on someone other than yourself, you are reminded that you are not the only one in the world that has problems.

How to complete this challenge: See if you can do one good thing for someone today!

Check out the Random Acts of Kindness website 

Read some positive news stories about all the good things going on in the world.

Visit the Action for Happiness website for tips.

This guy spent a year doing good deeds everyday! Read Luke's story 

Day 18 challenge - Share something that is awe-inspiring!

Why is this good for my emotional health and wellbeing?

That feeling of awe, wonder that we get from something - nature, music, art, helps to inspire us, and to appreciate the wonders of this world and our place in it.

How to complete this challenge: Share Something that you think is amazing with a friend or family - a place, space, sea life, a person (from past or present) who inspires you.

Day 19 challenge - Find a book to read or start writing a story 

 (Giff animation of reading a book)

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Losing yourself in a good book helps you to unwind. When we read, not only are we improving memory and empathy, but it makes us feel better and more positive too. Writing a story or any form of creative writing - a poem or song lyrics, helps us to express our feelings and thoughts.

How to complete this challenge: Find a book to read. If you can’t find a book at home to read then go to the Suffolk Libraries- eLibrary page, to download an App which lets you access thousands of free ebooks. 

For creative writing inspiration check out this website which has some good ideas you could explore.  

Day 20 – Stroke a cat or dog (make sure they're friendly)

 Why is this good for our emotional health and wellbeing?

Petting animals’ releases Oxytocin (a feel-good hormone) which helps us to feel calm and happy, so stroking a pet is really good if you’re stressed out or feeling low.

How to complete this challenge: Stroke/cuddle your pet cat or dog.

If you don’t have a pet you can stroke, you can:

  • Go feed the darks some bird seed at your local park (bread is not as healthy for them).
  • Visit a local farm or pet shop to look at some furry friends.  


If you love cats, then did you know in London there is a Cat Café you can visit where you can enjoy tea and snacks in the company of cats.  

Day 21 Challenge – Mix it up, today do you everyday things differently



Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Doing the same thing everyday can sometimes bring us down.

Making little changes to how you would normally go about your day by doing something different that takes you out of your comfort zone.

This will help make an ordinary day seem more interesting and positive.

It will also help you feel more confident to try new things.

How to complete this challenge: Do things differently like:

  • Take a different route
  • Eat something different
  • Go somewhere different
  • Sit somewhere different
  • Speak to someone you wouldn’t normally speak to.

Amazing if you made it through the third week of our 30 Day Whats Up Challenge

Are you feeling more 'Uppy'? We hope so, but don't stop now go on to our Week 4 challenges  

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