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Week Three!

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Week Three!

Posted by on 14 February 2018

Day 18 – Dance like no body is watching! Put a spring into your step where ever you're walking to today!

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Where ever you're walking to today - work, town, your friends house - adding some dance moves to your routine walk will help you feel energised and put you in a better mood for the day. Being spontaneous for just a moment is also good for our self-confidence and to be our natural self - free from maintaining a constant image. 

Put a spring into your step - 1. Put on your favourite dancing tune. 2. Move your hips. 3. Swing those arms wide. 4. Do some head beats. 5. Do some skips. 6. Hum or sing out loud!

Check out our Youtube playlist for Songs that get us up and dancing -

Why not put a morning playlist together with your friends and family for a good start to your day!



Day 19 – Find a book you want to read or start writing your own story.

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

Losing ourselves in a book helps us to relax and improves our memory and brain functions. Writing a story, poem or lyrics to a song helps us express our feelings that we find hard to talk about.

Take a trip to your local library. Check-out Suffolk Libraries’ list of recommendations here:

For creative writing inspiration check out this website which has some good ideas you could explore.  


Day 20 – Stroke a cat or dog (make sure they are friendly)

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

Petting animals’ releases Oxytocin (a feel-good hormone) which helps us to feel calm and happy, so stroking a pet is really good if you’re stressed out or feeling low.

If you don’t have pet you can stroke, you can:

  • Go feed the ducks some bird seed at your local park (bread is not as healthy for them).
  • Visit a local farm or pet shop to look at some furry friends

If you love cats, then did you know in London there's a Cat Café you can visit where you can enjoy tea and snacks in the company of cats.



Day 21 – Mix it up – get out of your comfort zone! Today do your everyday things differently.

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

Doing the same thing every day can sometimes bring us down. Making little changes to how you would normally go about your day by doing something different can help make your day feel more positive and may even lead to new things.

Do things differently like:

  • Take a different route
  • Eat something different
  • Go somewhere different
  • Sit somewhere different
  • Speak to someone you wouldn’t normally speak to.



Day 22 – Invite friends’ round for some karaoke and belt out some tunes

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

Singing eases stress – when we sing along to lyrics of a song it helps us to express our feelings and keeps us socially connected.

You can find karaoke versions of your favourite songs on YouTube, or check out our karaoke playlist.

If you like singing to express your feelings have you thought about joining your school or a local community choir!

Day 23 – Focus on a project or task you have put off for a while (don’t be afraid to ask for help to get it started)

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

Life can be full of overwhelming challenges or problems that can be hard to deal with, but it’s often these difficult problems where we really learn about ourselves and what we can achieve.A small problem can easily become a big problem if left, and this can leave you feeling frustrated, stressed or depressed and hopeless.

A challenging project will help you develop your problem-solving skills, and chances are the project you’ve been putting off is nothing to be afraid of!

Copy of Day 13 A round tuit fb

Day 24 – Try some Yoga or Tai-Chi

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

Yoga, and Tai-Chi (which is a form of Chinese martial arts), are good activities to do if you’re feeling stressed. They give you a gentle body and mind workout focused on your breathing which strengthens and relaxes the body, and they include some meditation to help calm the mind.

Add these or any other videos - Yoga -  

Tai-Chi -  Tai-Chi -


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