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Click here for Week Three Challenges 15-21

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Click here for Week Three Challenges 15-21

Posted by on 19 April 2020

Day 15 challenge - Find a book to read or start writing a story 

Why is this good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Losing yourself in a good book helps you to unwind. When we read, not only are we improving memory and empathy, but it makes us feel better and more positive too. Writing a story or any form of creative writing - a poem or song lyrics, helps us to express our feelings and thoughts.

How to complete this challenge:

Find a book to read. If you can’t find a book at home to read then go to the Suffolk Libraries- eLibrary page, to download an App which lets you access thousands of free ebooks. 

For creative writing inspiration check out this website which has some good ideas you could explore.  

You are now half way through the 30 Day Whats Up Challenge 

We hope the challenges have helped you stay positive and entertained at home!

If you missed challenges 1-14 see Week 1 challenges and Week 2 challenges 

Day 16 – Find something that makes you laugh so much that you cry

Why this is good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Laughing is good for us as it relaxes our body, boosts our immune system, connects you with others, keeps you focused, releases anger, and makes you more forgiving.

How to complete this challenge:

What makes you laugh out loud? Friends? Pets and animals? Sumo Suits? Babies and little children? Other people's laughs? Your brother or sister? Comedians?

Lets get you laughing with some of these videos… 

Cat fail video 

Cat Photo bombs

Hilarious Goats

Day 17 - Do an online fitness class

Why this is good for your emotional health and wellbeing? 

Exercise releases feel-good chemicals in the brain called endorphins that improve your mood and make you more relaxed. Physical activity reduces anxiety and low mood, enhances self-esteem and gives you a boost of energy and brainpower.


How to complete this challenge:

Look online for a free physical workout you can do at home – like Joe Wicks PE sessions workouts

Take a look at the Keep Moving Suffolk website for workout ideas at home.

If you like going for a walk for your daily exercise then go to the Healthy Suffolk website to download the Active 10 App which can track your walking and show you when to increase your pace to benefit your health.

Day 18 – Send someone a virtual hug

Why this is good for our emotional health and wellbeing?

Due to social distancing, we are missing being able to hug each other. Hugs are a powerful thing to our wellbeing because they instantly make us feel warm, calm and happier.

How to complete this challenge:

We may not be able to hug someone physically right now, but there are other ways we can send a hug to friends, family, to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Try these things:

1. Send them a hug via voice call - Phone and tell them you are imagining hugging them right now!

2. Text a photo of an occasion when the two of you were together hugging or laughing (if they are feeling low this is a nice way to do it as it reminds them of happier times) Browse through your phone pics and look for an old photo of you. If you don't have a photo you could send a photo of two people or characters hugging that best represent the both of you.

3. WhatsApp them a video selfie - Telling them that you are sending a hug:

4. Draw a picture of you hugging them in a place you both like to go - Take a photo of your sketch and text it to them or post it on their social media page with a message.

5. Send a free virtual hug GIF - From a website like GIPHY

6. Send a free animated video message - YouTube has some sweet videos like these...

Day 19 – Do some karaoke and belt out some tunes

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

Singing eases stress – when we sing along to lyrics of a song it helps us to express our feelings and keeps us socially connected.

How to complete this challenge:

Let lose with our karaoke playlist.  You can find karaoke versions of your favourite songs on YouTube.

Day 20 – Focus on a project or task you have put off for a while 

Why is this good for your emotional health & wellbeing?

Life can be full of overwhelming challenges and problems that can be hard to deal with, but it’s often during these difficult times that we really learn about ourselves and what we can achieve. Giving yourself a project or challenge will help you develop your problem-solving skills, keep your mind focused and build your confidence.

How to complete this challenge:

Is there a project or problem you have put off? Now is a good time to have a go at it! Don't be afraid to ask for help getting it started.


Day 21 – Take a soak in the bath or have a sing-song in the shower.

Why this is good for your emotional health and wellbeing?

Warm water (not too hot) calms the body and relaxes your muscles which helps if you are feeling tense or anxious.

How to complete this challenge:

Give yourself the best relaxing bath ever!

1. Use the fluffiest, softest, towel and robe that you have.

2. Add a tablespoon of sugar or honey to the water. Sugar can act as a natural exfoliate, whereas honey helps to keep your skin moisturised and soft.

3. Make sure you have loads of bubbles.

4. Dim the lights, and add a candle (you can use battery led tealights as they are safer).

5. You could try bath salts. Bath salts help to relax your muscles, which is especially useful after a tough day. They help to reduce any inflammation, which will help you wind down before bedtime.

6. Close your eyes when in the tub, you could even try using cucumber slices over your eye lids for the ultimate relaxation.


7. Or have the best uplifting shower ever! - With our shower playlist of all-time epic songs great to sing along to in the shower. 

Amazing if you made it through the third week of our 30 Day Whats Up Challenge

Are you feeling more 'Uppy'? We hope so, but don't stop now as we have a final week of challenges coming up - stay tuned here.


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