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CAT Network - let's talk about young people's mental health services

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A place to talk, share and take ACTION


CAT Network logo

The image above shows the CAT Network logo.


What is the CAT Network?

The CAT (Children & Young People, Action & Transformation) Network, was set up by a group of young people who had experiences of mental health services in Suffolk.

Over the last few years CAT Network groups have been set up around the county in different places like schools, colleges and youth groups.

We have also recently started holding CAT Network drop-in sessions at 4YP in Ipswich, and are on the look out for other venues where we can drop-in to talk to young people.

If you are looking for information, advice and support for your emotional wellbeing and mental health, please visit our emotional wellbeing section.

Young people describe the CAT Network as:

A place to talk about the things important to us, the things we feel need changing within mental health services, and our views on support that we have received or are receiving - this includes our experiences of what works well, and what doesn’t.

How does the CAT Network help support young people?

The views expressed by young people at CAT Network groups together help give a powerful voice.

They've contributed to the future development of Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), and other services, for children and young people in Suffolk.

The discussions we have with young people through the CAT Network has had a huge impact and continue to do so.

What CAT Members say about the CAT Network?

"I come to have my voice heard"

"We want to reduce stigma"

"I am not disadvantaged for what I've been through"

Do you have experience of mental health services in Suffolk? 

Do you have thoughts and ideas about how to better support young people's emotional wellbeing?

If so, we want to hear from you!

How to get involved with the CAT Network

If you're aged 13 - 25 there are so many ways to get involved with the CAT Network:

  • We can support you to set up a group at your school/college and meet up with you to discuss the latest mental health and emotional wellbeing projects.
  • You can share your views to us via The Source website by emailing us at:

  • We are looking at setting up evening drop-in sessions for young people to come and meet us and give their voice.
    We currently hold evening drop-in sessions at 4YP in Ipswich, but are open to your ideas for other possible venues where we can offer drop-in sessions.
    Please contact us if you have any venue suggestions.

We want to support you to create a friendly space to talk about your views, experiences and take action to make a difference for the emotional health and wellbeing of future young people in Suffolk.

How to contact the CAT Network:

Get in touch by email

CAT Network Projects we have completed:

The CAT network have helped make these short videos for young people which raise awareness of issues around mental health (subtitles are available on these videos)

Video called "Go the extra cm"

Video called "No.2 Mental Health Myths (Mind your language)

 Video called "No.3 Start Over-Sam's Story"

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