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Taking drugs is dangerous and could affect your mental health.

There are many myths and stereotypes surrounding drugs so it is important that you get the right information.

If you or a family member or friend need advice about substance misuse (including drugs and alcohol), or would like to find out how to access support and treatment, get in touch with Turning Point in Suffolk:

They work across Suffolk and they can meet you anywhere you feel most comfortable. You can refer yourself to the service via the website or helpline.

Talk to Frank
For free confidential drugs information and advice Talk to Frank.

Drugs and crime
If you are caught with drugs or intend to supply then you are breaking the law. Find out more about the laws on drugs and drug use on the Gov website.

Legal highs

'Legal highs' are no longer legal since a new ban on psychoactive substances has come into place, making the production, sale or supply of psychoactive substances intended for human consumption illegal.

You've probably heard of 'legal highs' which can be sold as powders, pills, liquids or other forms, and often come in bright coloured packaging with catchy brand names.

Psychoactive substances

These psychoactive substances include chemicals which affect the central nervous system and alter brain function. This could mean changes in perception, mood, consciousness and behaviour.

There are lots of risks involved in taking these drugs and you can never be sure what's in them.

To find out more about what used to be called 'legal highs' and are now called Psychoactive Substances, visit the FRANK website.

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