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Food and exercise

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Healthy eating and exercise is very important, not only for how you look, but also for how you feel.

A healthy diet means cutting down on your fat and sugar intake, and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of fibre. A good balanced diet can give you all your body needs. For help and tips with healthy eating and dieting, check out the NHS Live Well pages.

Exercising also helps keep you fit and strong. You can do things like walking to school or work, walking the dog, cycling, swimming, dancing or playing a sport.

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To keep fit and healthy, try to aim for an average of at least 60 minutes physical activity a day across the week. All activities should make you breathe faster and feel warmer. You can spread activity throughout the day. Try to also reduce the amount of time you spend sitting during the day. For more information, ideas and help with exercise and getting active, check out NHS Live Well. Alternatively get inspired on the BBC website or try the Active Suffolk activity finder - Active Suffolk.

You could also

Get Sugar Smart - download the Change4Life app which tells you how much sugar is in what you're eating and drinking, just by scanning the barcode of a product! Cut down your sugar intake by downloading the Sugar Smart app.

Food and feelings

Sometimes food affects things that we might not expect, so its important to understand that what we eat influences how we feel.

All kinds of issues may be linked to what we eat - confidence and self-esteem, migraines, skin health, stress, and tiredness. To find out more, visit the Nutritionist Resource website.

It might also help to speak to a school nurse for support and advice - they offer weekly confidential 'drop-ins' in secondary schools. Send a text to ChatHealth (07507 333356or ask in school to find out more.

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Need some help to keep fit and healthy?

If you feel you need a bit of help and support to get active and live a healthy lifestyle, get in touch with OneLife Suffolk who have programmes designed to help you.

All the programmes provided by their young person's team are delivered by specifically trained practitioners who offer a combination of interactive sessions, physical activity and games along with education. To find out more, take a look at the One Life Suffolk website

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