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Is it worth stopping?

Yes. Apart from saving a lot of money you will feel better and healthier, enjoy the taste of food more and have more energy for exercise.

Reasons to quit smoking:

  1. After stopping smoking you'll quickly notice you're breathing easier, have more energy, and your stress levels will be lower. Among other things. 

  2. Quitting helps save the planet  - Because of tobacco production accounts for nearly 5% of overall deforestation in the developing world!

  3. Plus also think about the cigarette butt litter you will be helping to reduce which causes significant damage to marine life. For details see the Keep Britain Tidy website #BinTheButt campaign

  4. You will almost immediately see results happening to your body. The NHS One You website shows what happens when you quit

Watch the above video from The Mix titled 'Quit smoking vs Start smoking'.

Where can I find help to quit?

  • Talk to your school nurse. Text a Suffolk school nurse on 07507 333356. For more details see our ChatHealth page 
  • Order a free quit kit - through your local pharmacy to help increase your chances of quitting.
  • Get some great tips to help you quite from the NHS website.
  • Visit OneLife Suffolk website for useful resources. 

OneLife Suffolk offers support and advice around stopping smoking. You can contact them by:

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