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Information and advice for young people in Suffolk


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I'm not happy with my care

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Who can I talk to?

If you're unhappy with your care, you have a right to an advocate.

What is an Advocate?

An Advocate is someone who will:

  • Listen to you
  • Be on your side
  • Make sure what you want is listened to
  • Help you to speak up at meetings
  • Help you make a complaint if you are unhappy about your care.

What is an Independent Advocacy?

Sometimes it may be necessary to have someone help you to do this who is completely separate from your family and the professionals involved in making decisions about your life. This is called Independent Advocacy.

An Independent Advocate can:

  • Stand up for you
  • Go to meetings with you to help you have your say
  • Help you to make a complaint 
  • Explain things to you
  • Make sure your views are listened to
  • Make sure you are fully involved in decisions being made about your life

For independent advocates provided in Suffolk check out:

  1. Voiceability who are part of Total Voice Suffolk - offer 1-1 support provided by a qualified Advocate for children & young people (0–25 years) in care, care leavers and those wishing to make a complaint, to help them resolve a particular problem or concern they have. To get in touch with an independent advocate, speak to your social worker or call: 0300 303 1660. Email: info@totalvoicesuffolk Visit the Total Voices website for more information.

  2. You can also make a referral to Total Voices. You can complete their referral form yourself or you can ask an adult or professional to help do it for you (like a foster carer, worker or social worker).

  3. Are you under 18 and have a disability? Do you want help to have your say? If so, see the advocacy advice on the Access Unlimited website You also call the Access Unlimited Advocacy service on 01473 260026 or email Access Unlimited Advocacy.
Get the advocacy app

You can download the National Youth Advocacy Service app, which has lots of info and advice on being in care and understanding your rights. Download the app for free:

Download from Google Play store
Download from the Apple store

If you are at risk or are worried that another young person is at risk call 0808 800 4005 (for free, at any time).

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