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Here you can find information on the latest news, events and opportunities for young people in Suffolk.

Public Health Suffolk Creative Competition

Posted by Fran Russo on 4 August 2021

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Competition Details

Public Health Suffolk recognise there are a variety of places you can go to get support with sexual health, which can make it confusing to understand who does what.

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MYP's Blog - May/June 21

Posted by on 1 July 2021

This month, the Members of Youth Parliament wanted to reflect on their campaign efforts, see how far they have come and how they can move forward. These campaigns were decided by the Make You Mark campaign 2019. After the 2020 vote, other campaigns may take priority to reflect the voting outcomes.

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Co-production Week 2021

Posted by Fran Russo on 29 June 2021

Co production cover image

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Suffolk Youth Parliament Update - April '21

Posted by Zoe Wells on 27 April 2021

It has been a busy time for the Member’s of Youth Parliament (MYP’s)! With so many meetings online, your representatives can get involved with so much more. Here is a round up of everything they have been up to.

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Make Your Mark Results 2020

Posted by Zoe Wells on 8 February 2021

MYM 2020 Banner

Make Your Make Results 2020

It’s not been an easy time to hold a consultation! But the Youth Parliament UK have been doing exactly that.

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#IAMWHOLE - Digital Detox Day

Posted by on 3 September 2020

I am not sure if we have introduced ourselves properly yet, but we are the Mental Health team for Suffolk UKYP. We are Isaac, Toby and Poppy and each represent one area of Suffolk in Youth Parliament. This Saturday we are joining @IAMWHOLEUK #DigitalDetoxDay whereby we take a 24 hour break from social media - link below.

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Work Well Suffolk

Posted by on 16 April 2020

What is Work Well Suffolk?

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Coronavirus advice and support page

Posted by on 19 March 2020

On this page we provide some useful links to get you through including how to look after yourself and your wellbeing in the current circumstances. Take a look and click the link to find information to help you. These are sources that we have checked provide reliable information and we will keep adding so check back soon.

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Go Food Savvy

Posted by on 31 January 2020

Did you know 1.4 million bananas get thrown away every day across the UK? We think that is utterly bananas! Across Suffolk, we are throwing away tonnes of perfectly edible food. In fact, on average, one third of a household black bin is food.

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