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Co-production Week 2021

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Co-production Week 2021

Posted by Fran Russo on 29 June 2021

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So what exactly is Co-production?

Co-production is an approach where people who have lived experiences of support needs and/or services, become equal partners, not just in the creation and development of those services and support, but throughout the whole commissioning cycle. This can take many forms, from a person centred conversation to the recruitment of the right staff, accessible communications, how a service should operate.  

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Celebrating the amazing co-production work we do with young people

Co-production week is celebrating the work that we do with young people to ensure their voices are heard by those who have the power to change things for supporting young people in Suffolk.

We (the Engagement Hub Team at Suffolk County Council) want to highlight some of the amazing co-production projects young people have helped us with in the last year...

Susie, Co-production & Engagement Lead - "Seeing students for the first time at Newmarket academy to support the young people's panel evaluation of service providers for a new neurodevelopment service for young people - observing how wonderful young people are at seeing details that sometimes us adults can’t."

Jack, Co-production Adviser - "Housing Provider Interview Panel... 3 young people took part in an interview panel to ask questions to potential providers of support for young people aged 16-18, based on their care experiences of the services. They did an amazing job, and the highlight of the day was Callum who asked..."Just another question…What is your unique quality? What makes you special!!!"

Claire, Co-production Adviser, Children's Emotional Health & Wellbeing - "Seeing the West Suffolk College SEND group in a celebration picnic! They have done so much over the past year to contribute to the idea of having cards to highlight additional needs so it helps them and others feel more supported in the community.

And developing the Eating Disorders podcast alongside a small group of young people to share their perspectives and the impact it has upon themselves and others - OMG SO POWERFUL!"    

Jess, Co-production Adviser - "A young person on a panel to interview for an AD Inclusion post answering the candidate's question..."Where would you take me in Suffolk to show me something working well for young people?" replying with "I'm not saying this to earn extra brownie points but, The Engagement Hub!"

And getting to know our amazing Members of Youth Parliament hearing them talk to 'big wigs' and get their campaigns rolling during Covid." 

How can young people get involved?

If you or your school would like to get involved with working on projects with us for young people, get in touch by email: Follow us on Instagram @ehub_

Below are some of the projects that young people can get involved with. Your ideas and experiences as a teen will help make a real difference in shaping services and support available to future young people in Suffolk.

Project 1 - Re-designing The Source website

The website you are on right now is undergoing a total re-design and we would like to hear young peoples feedback on what the new design should look like?

For details about this project take a look at our 'Source Re-design Presentation' and complete our Source Re-design Questionnaire to help us gather your thoughts and ideas. 

Project 2 - Help shape Crisis Care for young people in Waveney 

Staff from A&E departments, the ambulance service, mental health professionals, social care and local charities are all working together to improve mental health crisis support for young people, but to do this they need to  hear from young people who have experiences of crisis care who would be willing to share their ideas of how to improve services.
If you would like to get involved with this project, text Jo on O7384 214 590.

The Engagement Hub Team would like to give a massive shout out to all our young people. Thank You for all your help to improve services, especially during a tough year.

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