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MYP's Blog - May/June 21

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MYP's Blog - May/June 21

Posted by on 1 July 2021

This month, the Members of Youth Parliament wanted to reflect on their campaign efforts, see how far they have come and how they can move forward. These campaigns were decided by the Make You Mark campaign 2019. After the 2020 vote, other campaigns may take priority to reflect the voting outcomes.

Environmental Work

It’s clear that sustainability is a constant concern of the young population. As such, the MYP’s have been working hard to deliver various events, and ensure action is being taken. Millie Ball, Poppy Brown, and Isaac Carter have led and will continue to lead these efforts.

In the next couple of months they will be:

  • Launching the ‘Suffolk Sweep’
  • Beginning to push forward their campaign to see plastic cutlery eradicated from schools

As a result of their hard work, the MYP’s have been in conversation with lots of different organisations across the county.

Poppy Brown spoke to Siren Festival about the work the MYP’s are doing. Find out more here.

Millie Ball and Poppy Brown spoke to Have You Haverhill about the work they are doing to raise awareness. You can listen here: HAVE YOU Sustainable Haverhill by HAVE_YOU | Mixcloud.

Want to get involved in these campaigns? Drop us an email at:

Mental Health Awareness

This is the campaign that the MYP’s feel they have made the most progress on. In the past year they have created and maintained the page ‘A Happier Suffolk’; an Instagram account signposting to resources and services that can help young people with their mental health.

They have also:

  • Created a video resource using quotes and inspiration from influencers
  • Created content for both Mental Health Awareness Week and Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

Poppy Brown and Isaac Carter are leading this work. They’ll be working on an in schools and media campaign to get the word out about the resources they are creating and make sure it is on the radar of all young people in the county.

Want to find out more? Again, just drop us an email at:

Exam Season

As exam season approaches, the MYP’s will be taking some time off to focus on their school work during this time. This time away from campaigns means the next meeting will hopefully be in person!

That’s all for now. And as always, if you want to follow the MYP’s work, head to:






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