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#OurInternetOurChoice - SID 2019

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#OurInternetOurChoice - SID 2019

Posted by The Source on 5 February 2019

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Today is Safer Internet Day (SID 2019)
This year's theme = "Our Internet our choice" is about helping young people to think about how to take control of how they use the Internet and social media. Research out today shows how important it is to their lives, but it comes with difficulties too - and that's not going away. 

Things are being shared without a young person's permission or consent, which is really upsetting for people. In the last year over half of young people (52%) said someone they know shared a photo or video of them without asking (UK Safer Internet Centre research, Feb'2019). But young people themselves are admitting to doing it to others!

If you're 11 to 18 here's a quick guide to how to be confident about what to share, be respectful of others and how you can take charge of what you post and share on social media.

You can also find lots more practical help in our Life Online section

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