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Protect the Environment - Campaign for the year ahead

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Protect the Environment - Campaign for the year ahead

Posted by on 27 November 2019

Thank you for taking part in the UK Youth Parliament's (UKYP) Make Your Mark ballot!

Protect the Environment came out a clear winner for Suffolk in the Make Your Mark ballot and as a result Members of Youth Parliament unanimously decided to make it their campaign topic for the year ahead.  

 Why is it important?

Here is what Councillor Richard Rout had to say:

I want to encourage you to complete this questionnaire and share it with your friends, it is so important to that we use every opportunity to talk to each other about our environment and what we can collectively do to build a positive future.  I am the Councillor responsible for environmental issues at Suffolk County Council and I am proud of the work we have been undertaking to protect our natural environment and tackle climate change over many years.  However, we recently recognised the need to do even more by declaring a Climate Emergency and committed to the Council becoming carbon neutral by 2030, and work with others to achieve the same ambition for the whole county.   This will be a very significant challenge and we would value the contribution that your ideas will bring to assist us with the work ahead.

Here is what Will has to say about what the topic means to him:

It’s our planet and it’s our home so we should be protecting it because in maybe 10 years we won’t be able to do anything about it, and that number of years we have to make a difference keeps dropping. The time to act is now!

Protect the Environment as a topic is important because it will affect the young people of today as well as our children and our grand children and their children. It’s something like an apocalypse…I can see us in dessert landscape with no water, and it feel like that could happen now. We need to do stuff about it, and we need the government to do stuff about and they don’t seem to be doing anything. They’re not focusing on the long term, just the short term and they should really be focusing on the long term.

I think about it a lot. I think it causes a lot of anxiety, it’s more the fact that people aren’t doing any thing about it. For example, two years ago there wasn’t snow at all and there were dandelion coming out on Christmas day. It’s not just global warming, things could be getting colder in the summer and there could be a lot of flooding. There’s also the global impact and people’s homes might be under the water in some time

In reference to the protests, it will surprise people but we’re not doing this just to miss school, I think most of us genuinely care about the environment, but I don’t think people really understand that.

People really need to act now not later. And If we need to make changes to our daily lives, we need to do that. If we need to change our economy to be more sustainable, we need to do that too.

Will Pope, DMYP in Ipswich

Aside from climate change, there are other concerns around plastic waste, pollution, conservation, consumerism, deforestation and many many more. The good thing is that there is already some momentum and we now have a platform to share our vices with decision makers in Suffolk, which is why we have written this survey.

We would like to invite young people (11-18 years) to complete the survey and tell us what they would like to see happen next. We will then use the results and suggestions to plan the next step, to inform the relevant partners about your concerns and work in partnership to make a difference! Find out what is going on already to make Suffolk the greenest county, visit

So take the survey. You can do it in a group or class or individually. An if you don't want to complete the survey on the site you can send us your ideas/answers in another way. Please email them to . You can also email us stories of things you have done already as an individual, school or group!

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