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Save the planet this Christmas

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Save the planet this Christmas

Posted by on 19 December 2019

Christmas can be a really rubbish time for the planet – 30% of waste is produced and discarded during the festive period.

This Christmas let's remember to reduce, re-use and re-cycle. The Suffolk Recycling website has some great resources for a greener Christmas. 

You can also take part in the Suffolk Youth Parliament survey to give your views on how we should protect the environment.


Here’s how you can help save the planet this Christmas:

1. Reduce what you buy and want for Christmas - Buy experiences or activities for friends and family or vouchers rather than items, or try doing secret santa with your family.

2. Donate any unwanted gifts - Ask people what they need for Christmas to avoid any unwanted gifts - if you do recieve an unwanted gift give it to a local charity.

3. Make your own handmade gifts to give to friends and family - Websites like Etsy have great ideas for what you can create using upcycled items you have around the house.  Check out - Greener gift ideas for a savy Christmas


4. Reduce your families Christmas food waste - Don't chuck your left-over Christmas dinner or party food save it to use in other recipes  - check out Food Savy tips and Food Savy recipes Or turn it into compost.

5. Make sure your wrapping paper is recyclable and save it to re-use next year - Avoid foil or glitter wrapping paper as they cannot be recycled.

6. Recycle your Christmas tree - Take your tree to a recycling centre or plant it in your garden for next year.

7. Make sure your Christmas lights are energy-efficient LED bulbs - Put your Christmas lights on a timer so you don't leave them on overnight. 

8. Make your own Christmas tree decorations - Try some homemade decorations - check out How to make Christmas tree decorations Or buy durable and meaningful ornaments made of wood, metal or cloth as these last longer than plastic or thin glass.

9. Buy eco-friendly gifts if you're not making them - Look at the many online eco-focused stores or visit stores offering eco-friendly gift options, like durable water bottles, organic clothes, recycled books or recycled paper products, or go to your local charity shop to buy gifts.

10. Avoid the disposables - Instead of using disposable plastic plates, cups and cutlery, and paper napkins at your Christmas party use dishes and cloth napkins instead as these are reusable. 

Have an earthly good Christmas small 

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