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2020 Time Capsule competition winners

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2020 Time Capsule competition winners

Posted by on 1 October 2020

‘The Art of being 2 metres Apart!’ - A time capsule that reflects the time a virus came to Town.

The Engagement Hub, part of Suffolk County Council’s Children and Young People’s services launched a time capsule competition earlier this year in partnership with Suffolk Archives and The Hold (

The idea behind this time capsule competition was to help children and young people to express and share their feelings during such a difficult time. Also, to gather advice for future generations should they face a pandemic or significant period of change again.

There were two age groups: 5 to 11, and the 12 to 19 (up to 25 with SEND).

We asked for general reflections on daily life, ways in which they are adapting and how they are managing their hopes and fears.

The competition closed on the 1st September and there were so many wonderful submissions, it was tough to choose the winners!

Thankfully our trusty panel of young judges did the hard work and chose the winners which we are delighted to announce.

Winners - Art category

Art (age 5-11) 

Amber, Aged 9. Judges felt that this abstract art was really powerful and immediately captured their attention. The back story, of the young person feeling very worried about the virus getting into her home and how this piece helped her come to terms with that, added to the impact.


Art (age 12-18+) 

Jekaterina, aged 14. Wow! Judges felt that this piece had so much to it – amazingly detailed and addressed the issues young people have had to cope with and get their heads round during this time.


Winners - Creative writing category

Creative Writing (age 5-11) - download and read ' Dear Diary'  

Aidan, Aged 10. Dear Diary. Judges were really impressed by how this young person captured the everyday feelings of lockdown, the good and the bad, and how the poem changes pace when he gets outside.

Creative Writing (age 12-18+)  - download and read 'Get Through This'

Petronella, aged 17. Get Through This. This piece is one of 4, all of which the judges thought were beautifully written and would be good as a grouping in a display. The judges felt that this was really powerful, demonstrated the emotions that many people could relate to and in general summed up the lockdown period well.

Well done to all those children and young people who submitted an entry and congratulations to the winners! Thank you.

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