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Information and advice for young people in Suffolk

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Mind of My Own app

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Say what you want - when you want

C2C (the Children in Care Council) want all children and young people in care in Suffolk to have a choice of options about how to talk about the services and support they are receiving.

That's why they asked the County Council to make the Mind of My Own app (One and Express) available for those who want to use it.

Mind Of My Own helps you think about what you what to say - to feel confident about speaking up about your care. You can use it to prepare for a meeting, to share some good news with a worker, to make plans for the next stage in your life....and it's all their on your phone whenever you need it.

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How can I get hold of Mind Of My Own?
The best way is to download the app onto a mobile or tablet - by using one of the links below:

Or you can use the web version -

Warning ⚠️
The Mind Of My Own app has nothing to do with the challenge 'game' on WhatsApp that's gone viral also called Momo. This is a nasty game - please don't get involved with it.

Mind Of My Own is there to help you
It is safe and secure to use, you choose which worker too send your comments to. It's another way to communicate with them. So let them know that you have started using Mind Of My Own. They might want to use it with you!

NB. When you sign up to Mind Of My Own you must pick Suffolk as the local authority so that your messages will reach the right person.

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