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Looking for somewhere to live on your own, or with a friend?

Moving out is a big step with lots of things to think about. The reality is that leaving home and finding somewhere to live is a lot tougher than most people think. For information and advice on how to do this go to our page Getting a place of your own

Worried about becoming homeless?

Homelessness - means not having a permanent home, and not having a proper, stable roof over your head can cause all sorts of problems.

If you have nowhere to live, are sofa surfing, or crashing at your mates house it will be harder to get or keep a job, to carry on with your studies, and can affect your mental health and wellbeing.

If you’re having problems at home, speak to a youth support worker or adult that you trust. Or call the Customer First helpline on 0808 800 4005 (free from landlines and most mobiles) to speak to someone who can help you get support for your situation. (Customer First have an Emergency Duty Service during evenings and weekends).

If you have been living with a friend’s family or someone other than a parent or close relative for longer than 28 days, and you are under the age of 16 (under 18 with a disability), this could become a 'private fostering' arrangement. See our page on private fostering.

Running away from home

If you feel that you need to run away try to talk to someone about why you want to leave home. You can get free and confidential advice at ChildLine by calling 0800 1111Or for help and advice visit the ChildLine website

Some of the reason why a young person may leave home include:

  • arguments with a parent or other relative
  • stress (for support go to our Emotional Wellbeing Hub page)
  • abuse or violence at home
  • worries about money and debt
  • being thrown out of their home by a parent or carer
  • problems with drugs or alcohol.

Unfortunately young people may decide quickly to leave home without thinking about things like, where they will go, sleep, get access to money, and the effect their decision will have on their family and friends.

Where can i turn to for help if i feel like running away from home?

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