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Credit or debt - know the facts

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Take a look a these ideas on how to keep on top of all your bills and the money that you have to live on

Cards, cash, debt, credit, payday loans, savings, APR...feeling confused?

Online help to manage your money and debt?

For general advice on all sorts of issues relating to managing your money, a useful start is the Money Advice Service website.

There is a new digital advice tool that you can register on to receive online debt advice, visit the National Debt Helpline website.

What to be aware when borrowing money?

If you're going to use credit cards or loans these tips will help you to borrow money safely:

  • Ask yourself can you afford the repayments each month? 
  • Read the forms before you sign it. If you don't understand them get help from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) website.
  • Check exactly how much you'll pay back including interest and charges.
  • Compare the APRs. If you're looking at credit cards, for instance, go for the one with the lowest APR rate, but beware low APRs may only be offered for a short period.
  • Watch out for optional extras. Sometimes payment protection insurance is included when you haven't asked for it. You don't have to take this up and it may not cover you if you're self-employed or on a short term contract.
  • Look at the length of the loan not just the monthly payment.
  • If you act as a guarantor for someone else's loan you will have to repay the debt if they don't.

Getting help if you are struggling with debt 

There are a few things you can do if you're having trouble managing your debt:

  • Speak to your bank. 
  • For independent advice, visit the CAB website
  • Call the National Debtline on 0808 808 4000
Need proof of age?

If you need proof of age ID, we suggest getting a Citizen Card, visit

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