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Information and advice for young people in Suffolk

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Driving and the law

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Suffolk Roadsafe
Cars, vans, motobikes, scooters or keep safe on the road, visit the Suffolk Roadsafe website for tips and sessions on protecting yourself.

You are eligible for a provisional driving licence from your 17th birthday. This lets you drive on the road under the tuition or guidance of an instructor.

Always wear a seatbelt
Whether you are driving on your own or have other people in your car, always wear a seatbelt. It doesn't matter how short the journey is. In fact, most crashes happen when you're close to home.

Watch THINK!Seatbelts

I have passed my test
Congratulations if you have passed. However, it's important to keep improving your driving skills.

To continue building your confidence and improving your skills, find details on safe driving for life:

THINK! Campaign

On the THINK!Education website you can find out about the law and the consequences if you are convicted. It explains about the different road safety risks for drivers and passengers, as well as pedestrians and cyclists. Plus there are some interesting statistics on who is most likely to be involved in a collision and at what time of day. 

- Visit the THINK!Education website

Never drink or take illegal drugs and then get behind the wheels of a vehicle - choose who in the group is going to be the designated driver. In particular if you do drink you may still have alcohol in your system in the morning, which means it will be unsafe to drive. So if you know that you need to drive the next day, it’s probably safer not to drink at all.


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