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What next after losing your job

Tips on what to do next

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Being made redundant or losing your job with an employer can happen to anyone because of a number of reasons:

  1. To reduce their costs by employing less staff, possibly because there is a fall in the number of customer orders.
  2. They are relocating to another part of the country (or the world) or another business has 'bought out' your employer. In both instances, you may be offered a new position in the new organisation.
  3. Retirement or personal reasons to stop trading or have gone out of business.

What you can do next

  • If your 16-18 get in touch with your local support services.
  • Don't panic - remember it is not your fault and if you did well in your last job, then you can improve and get better in another job. So think positive and start job hunting.
  • Update your CV with details of your last job and what you did well, what you can offer and examples of the work you did. If you do not have a CV create your own with our CV Builder.
  • Contact businesses or organisations in the same sector asking to be considered for any future positions and/or if they have a Facebook or Twitter page, join them to keep up to date.
  • Think about starting a new course or training in something related to your last job, or re-train in something new.
  • Try volunteering to help learn new skills while you're still looking for work - search for volunteering placements.

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