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Relationships - family & home

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As you grow older, start to become more independent and make your own decisions, you may start to keep things to yourself a bit more. 

Family members don't need to know all the details about what’s going on in your life – but they do like to know where you are going, what time you will be home or when you will be leaving for home. Read our tips for personal safety.

Family breakups

The adults in your life can sometimes decide to split up, separate or divorce from one another - for a huge variety of reasons. But sometimes for months before that happens, things can be really tough, with shouting, arguments and even worse.

Feeling anxious or depressed...?
Why running away doesn't make things better

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is when a grown-up threatens, bullies or hurts another adult in the family. It's not always obvious if what is happening at home is domestic abuse, it can be really unsettling and hard to deal with but it's never your fault. You can find support, read about the signs of domestic abuse and how to cope on the Childline website and at the Hideout (

if you are worried about someone knowing the sites you have visited you can cover your tracks.

Help and advice

There is nothing wrong with talking through family problems with another adult. This could be a teacher, tutor, counsellor or a youth support worker. The important point is that you talk to someone that you trust, and to not blame yourself for what's happening in your family.

Call ChildLine on 0800 1111
Visit the ChildLine website

Or try Kooth is a free, safe and confidential online service where you can find someone to talk to when you need it. Just keeping problems bottled up isn't a long term fix but talking through things can really help. You can read more in our information pages or visit their website

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