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Information and advice for young people in Suffolk

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Relationships - friends

Friendships, the ups and the downs

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Friends are as big a part of our lives as our family. Friendships can also be just as difficult, one minute life is great - the next you've had a serious falling out.

Being supportive, a good listener and someone to trust. That's what we expect from our friends, right?

Here are a few website links to really good advice about some of the issues that having friends can create; and for those times when you're faced with making new friends.

Help and advice
If things are getting very difficult, it's always better to talk to someone that you trust. This could be a teacher, tutor, counsellor, or another adult. You can also call ChildLine on 0800 1111 or use the ChildLine message boards.

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How can I help a friend who is self-harming?

For help and advice around supporting someone who is self-harming, check out our page on self-harm.

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