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Information and advice for young people in Suffolk

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My health

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This section is all about helping you, your friends or someone you care for live a healthy, safe and happy lifestyle.

Remember it is your body and your choice; but whatever you decide, it is important to have the facts and take responsibility.

Try to look after yourself by eating well, resting, taking a little exercise and the time to do the things you enjoy. Check out the Whats Up challenge for more ideas.

Need to talk to someone?


The BBC have compiled a list of helpful information and support contacts to go with their MY Mind and Me season about emotional and mental wellbeing showing useful videos.

Speak to a school nurse - weekly confidential 'drop-ins' in secondary schools. Send a text to ChatHealth (07507 333356) or ask in school to find out more. 

Get confidential help and advice through our 1-1 live chat service, Ask the 4YP Expert.

Young people's workers at 4YP (Suffolk Young People's Health Project) are available to offer support around emotional health and wellbeing issues from 5-7pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The children and young people's Emotional Wellbeing Hub provides an online referral for support and a telephone helpline (0345 600 2090) if you are worried about you or a friend's emotional wellbeing and need advice.

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Live 1-1 chat

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Emotional Wellbeing Hub

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ChatHealth text service

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Whats Up? 30 Day Challenge


Health and Wellbeing Apps

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Mental health & wellbeing

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Have a say about mental health services

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Care healthcheck

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Becoming a donor

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Eating disorders

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Feeling frustrated

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Healthwatch Suffolk

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Female Genital Mutilation

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Food and exercise

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Meningitis vaccinnation

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Men's health

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Sex & sexual health services

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Testicular cancer

Lonely big

Feeling lonely

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