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Information and advice for young people in Suffolk


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Looking for Work

Learn the facts about jobs, and where to start looking

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If you are aged 13-19 it's important for you to know the following:

  1. If you are 13 or older you can get a part time job but there are some rules on what you can and cannot be employed for. Check out the rules for employment.
  2. 18 or older? Search for jobs at Jobseekers Direct.
  3. Help finding work if aged 18 to 24 and on Universal Credit
  4. If you are 18 or under you need to register at your local drop-in centre.
  5. See what part-time hours you are allowed to work.

Where can I find job vacancies?

  1. Search for Suffolk Apprenticeship vacancies.
  2. Find jobs in schools, libraries social care or other council services at Suffolk Jobs Direct.
  3. Find vacancies in Suffolk at Jobs 24.
  4. Find work experience, internships and apprenticeships with councils in Suffolk at Rising High in Suffolk.
  5. Look out for job vacancies posted by employers on Twitter or Facebook. LinkedIn invites you to share your employment and education profile with professionals who may contact you about job opportunities - register with LinkedIn.
  6. Find vacancies on Indeed recruitment website
  7. Find vacancies on the government Find a Job website
  8. Find summer jobs on the government find a job website

Read tips and stories from other young people on the governments My Way In website.
Read helpful interview tips from The Mix.

What else can you do?

  • Take copies of your CV to career or job fairs.
  • Apply for seasonal work (e.g. summer work).
  • Speak to relatives who may know of vacancies in their place of work.
  • Read local newspapers for news of any companies or organisations who are expanding or are offering job opportunities.
  • Visit or contact employers by sending in a covering letter and a copy of your CV asking whether they have any vacancies or anticipate any in the future.
  • Visit local shops (e.g. newsagents, village shop, or coffee shop) and ask if there are any vacancies.

Useful information:

Preparing for interviews

Applying for jobs

Finding work

Starting work


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